A Little Bit About Us

Find out a little more about us and who we are.

About Us

  • Montmorency Community Church is a Bible believing church affiliated with the Christian Community Churches of Australia.
  • We care about the people who live in our district and have a history of serving God in our community.
  • We invite you to come and see for yourself.

Our Background

Montmorency Community Church has been around a long time.

In fact it's origins start right back around 1932, with two Salvation Army ladies living in Para Rd, reaching out to other neighbors with the Christian message. It wasn't long before a Sunday School work was established in the Butter Box Shed at the back of the local store and Post Office on the corner of Williams Rd. and Beaconsfield Rd, Briar Hill. This outreach work was heard of by the "city folk" and a number of city preachers came to help establish and encourage this new church.

Among these helpers were Mr. Walter Mathieson, Mr. Bert O'Connor and Mr. Will Thomson.

For a brief period of time this little church met in a tent with the walls lined with thin wooden planks, on a block of land on the opposite side of the Post Office.. The Sunday School grew with many of the children in the district attending. Sunday School anniversaries were yearly highlights, with the little community helping in the decorating of the tent with home grown chrysanthemums.

It wasn't long before the tent became too small and the Briar Hill Primary School was used as a meeting place for Sunday Services.

In 1935, a small shed was transferred to a triangular block of land next to the railway line at Mayona Rd. (our current site). This block of land and the shed was acquired by the generosity of Councilor Price. The very first service held at the Mayona Rd site, was a midweek service on 22nd May 1935. As people became Christians, baptisms were held in the Plenty River. (it was much cleaner then of course).

Sometime later a building block was purchased next to the triangular block. Again, this was made possible by the generosity of Mr. and Mrs. Seidel who attended the church for many years. In 1955 a Gospel Hall was built with the official opening on the 18th June 1955.

Over the years there have been extensions, additions and renovations as the church and it's needs grew. Throughout all of this time Montmorency Community Church has served the community in Youth outreach with the Boys and Girls Rallies being famous in the area.

There are many older members of the EBR and EGR still living in Monty with fond memories of picnics, games nights etc.

TODAY: Not a lot has changed. The faces are older on some of the members but a heart to serve our community is still beating as strongly as ever.

Our playgroups have been going over twenty years now and have been a help and encouragement to many new mums. We have plans to redevelop the rear area of the church to modernize and improve usability, and to maximize the development or our young playgroupers.

Our children's ministries includes Kids Club which is a fun filled, games, aerobic singing, puppets and other activities program for primary aged children.

Youth Group looks after the high school group with interesting activities and outings.

Why not check our service times and make a point of visiting?

You are very welcome.

Our Purpose

To give everyone in Montmorency Community Church and its wider community the opportunity to know and follow Jesus.

Meet Our Staff & Leadership

  • Josh Davies

  • Andrew Lee
  • Evan Smith
  • Andy McCormack
  • Sam Libroaperto

  • Ken Blythe
  • Damien Stewart
  • Declan Loveday
  • Binoy George