Young Adults

Exploring the bigger issues of life with friends

The move from school to paid employment, University or TAFE can often be a difficult time of transition, where a new young adult is faced with many new challenges in an adult world;
Who am I as an adult?
What do I really believe and why do I believe it?
How do I integrate my faith and Christian beliefs into the current culture around us?

The Young Adults small group at Montmorency Community Church recognises that the time of moving from adolescence to adulthood is not only filled with questions such as these but also recognises that it is an exciting and dynamic time where young adults can really start to flourish and grow in their Christian faith, applying what they know into their everyday lives.
The Group is made up of people who are at University, studying at TAFE or are working and is a fantastic place where support and encouragement is both given and received in an environment which seeks to assist young adults in becoming more confident about their relationship with God and others in similar situations.

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